Winter Driving Tips


Some tips on how to keep your car from freezing-up in snowy weather.

Cold weather winter tips for your carroad sign with latest news

To see and be seen

  • To prevent slush build up on your headlights apply a thin coating of car wax on them. It really works!
  • To prevent frost on windows: three quarters vinegar to one part water, spray on windows at night for no frost in the morning.
  • Spray the inside of your windscreen with shaving cream and wipe clear to fog-proof it.

Practical tips

  • Squeak proof your wipers by rubbing them with a cloth covered in alcohol
  • To de-ice your lock put some hand sanitizer gel on the key and lock.


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N Plates

N Plates for new drivers, please be aware!

I refer to the changes to driver licencing rules from 1st August 2014.  As you may be aware all drivers who receive their first ever full driving licence from that date will be obliged to display an ‘N’ plate to the front and rear of their vehicle.

To facilitate the smooth introduction of this new requirement the RSA will be providing ‘N’ plates to successful driving test candidates who are required to display them,  we will continue to provide them to successful test candidates who need them for approx. 6 months.

The new ‘N’ plates are also available from usual retailer who traditionally stock ‘L’ plates.

We are aware that the attached list of stockists already have ‘N’ plates available for purchase and many others either have them already or will be receiving their stocks shortly.