Price of Driving Lessons in Galway City


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Best Price for Driving Lessons

 We offer the best prices for driving lessons in Galway because our packages not only contain your EDT driver training but also a whole host of loyalty benefits. The use of the school car is free for your driving test, a massive saving of 100 Euro. Yes, it gets even better. All of our packages include training on saving fuel and defensive driving, at no extra cost. This training will save your thousands of Euro on:

  • Reduced fuel billgolden pot of gold coins
  • Reduced insurance bills
  • Reduced car maintenance bills
  • And may even save your life

You won’t have to worry about the cost of your driving lessons in Galway as they work out to be the exceptional value.  These packages are investments which will pay you back many times over during your driving career that is the promise Confident Driving School Galway gives to you.

Exceptional Value

If you have taken up our introductory offer you will know you have already made savings of over 150% on your first two EDT driving lessons. The savings continue with our gold plated package deals. Our deals offer incredible loyalty benefits which will reduce the cost of your EDT package deal considerably. There is no sting in the tail here.

Why? Because we want safe drivers! That is the goal of this driving school. It’s that simple.

Confident Driving School Galway Discount Packagesred carpet showing word success

10 EDT Lesson Package   Only €350 or €300 “Off Peak” (completed before 1pm Mon-Fri)

Package includes free use of school car for your driving test ( a saving of 100 Euro) and a 20% reduction on insurance with First Ireland when you complete your EDT driver training. This is an introductory discount for the first year. Yes, even better news. If supplementary lessons are required, they will be at the reduce rate of €25, giving you unbeatable value. You will also qualify for all of our other loyalty benefits. Lucky you!

Easy Pay Packageman stacking cubes to spell easy

5 EDT Lesson Package       Only €175 or €150“Off peak”

This package is aimed to ease the burden of payment by paying in two easy blocks. The good news is when you book your second 5 EDT lesson package, you will qualify for all the benefits of the 10 EDT lesson package. Defensive driving and saving fuel is included in this package.

Individual Driving Lesson

Single Lessons   Only €35 or €30 “Off Peak”

We have up to date dual controlled cars and are there to give advice day or night. Our instructors are dedicated to giving you the best instruction possible in a relaxed atmosphere. This is not a part time job for our instructors; instruction is given to a high standard to produce safe drivers for life.

 Intensive Driving Course Pre-Test Package

5 Re-Cap Lessons        Only €175

This package is designed to get your driving up to test standard. The good news is, as we are dedicated to producing safe drivers, defensive driving is included.    

 Do Your Test In Our Car

Please enquire at the office if you would like to use our dual controlled cars for your driving test. Fees depend on the time required, but it’s not costly. Please call the office on  (086) 2172898 for details.

 You’re Vehicle Tuition

Tuition in your vehicle as it reduces our overheads is €25 per hour. Please be advised we will need to check your insurance and roadworthiness of your vehicle.

 Sponsor Tuition

Our driving instructors can act as your sponsor for 50% less than normal fee. Please enquire if interested.


Cancellations to be re-scheduled during the same working week with at least 24 hour notice.

Further Information 

Every student with a Learners Permit has already paid the Road Safety Authority the required fee for a driving test. This fee is separate to any payment for driving training.

Get off to a flying start and phone us on 086-2172898 to organize your free introductory lesson.

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