Risk Assessment


Lack Of Knowledgechair with jets attached for speed

Risk assessment is based on knowledge already gained from dealing with previous hazards. The majority of collisions occur not because of deficient car control skills but because of deficiencies in the driver’s information processing skills due to lack of knowledge. Unaware of the danger ahead the driver fails to reduce to a safe speed to negotiate the hazard safely and unfortunately a collision occurs.

  • Accidents could seriously be reduced if drivers were made more conscious of the inherent dangers on the roads.
  • Defensive driving will teach you to develop the correct mind set to drive safely for life by:
  • Identify oncoming aspects on the road where there is the greatest danger of a collision occurring
  • Identify the causes of accidents and assess your potential of becoming involved in them
  • Mind reading other drivers actions and making allowances for their mistakes
  • This means you are actively scanning the road ahead for hazards as opposed to just looking
  • Be able to read road and weather conditions and the affect they have on breaking distance
  • Be aware of overall stopping distances and be able to relate to these in practice
  • Make full use of mirrors to avoid collisions to sides and rear
  • Be very aware of the affect of bad road and weather conditions on tyre grip

Core Aims

One of the core aims of confident driving school as you proceed through their EDT is to validate the learner understands the defensive driving checklist completely. Without extensive experience on the road it is only knowledge which will keep a safety cushion around the vehicle and allow the driver to stop within the distance they can see to be clear ahead by adjusting their speed accordingly. You need to be a thinking driver to be safe on the road.

To-days Heavy Traffic

Expect other people to make mistakes and be ready to slow down or stop – even if you think you have priority. This is the correct attitude to have in modern driving. Never rely on other road users doing the right thing. Your safety relies mainly in your own hands. The better your control of your vehicle and road space, the safer you will be.

Avoid the Kind of Driving Which

  • Gives offence to others on the road
  • Provokes retort
  • Creates dangerous driving situations
  • Never drive in the spirit of competition

Competitive driving is, inherently, the opposite of defensive driving. It increases the risks for everyone.

Daily Checksstack of new tyres ready for use

  • Visual inspection of tyres
  • To see and be seen
  • Cockpit drill

Weekly Checksbarrel of oil to encourage weekly oil checks

  • Correct tyre pressure
  • Oil level
  • Water levels

Seasonal Checksplastic container of antifreeze coolant for winter driving

  • Winter: antifreeze
  • Spring: hosed underneath
  • Service as recommended

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