Day Of Your Driving Test At Galway City Test Centre


Test Daygirl checking her results outside test centre

Assessment Process

So, you have held your learner permit for over six months and completed your 12 Essential Drivers Training (EDT) lessons in Galway City with an Approved Driving Instructor.

You have also trained on the test routes around Galway City test centre. You have booked your driving test with the Road safety Authority. Waiting time for your test in Galway city is eight weeks.

On Test Day

Notify Confident Driving School Galway of the test time and an instructor’s car will be available for your test free of charge as part of your package deal with us.

We will call to your home in plenty of time before your driving test to make sure you have everything you need for your driving tester, as regards paperwork.

You will get into the car and go through your cockpit drill to ensure everything is ready for your driving test.

Over the next hour you will be given expert guidance from your driving instructor as you drive over the test route being made aware of any potential pitfalls. Your instructor will ensure you are at the test centre 20 minutes before the test is due to with clip board marking test

The driver tester will check your learner permit and you will be asked sign a statement confirming the vehicle is in roadworthy condition and correctly insured. Click on the clipboard  for an RSA checklist.

The Driving test takes about 40 minutes.  After your driving test, the tester will issue you with a Certificate of Competency, which you can then exchange for a full driving license at your local NDLS office. Your instructor will then drive you home. ; continue to drive carefully and build up your experience in different traffic, weather, lighting and road conditions.

Avoiding Nerves!

Your training with confident driving school Galway is above test standard because we want you to be a safe driver for life. Knowing this will help you relax on your test. A little bit of nerves are normal, it just means you care about your test.

Making it Easier on Test Day

  • Best to keep it to yourself your driving test is on the way. Expectation from friends and family can bring added anxiety which won’t help on test day.
  • Retire to bed same time as always before your test, you have done the work, be confident in yourself; as confident driving school has confidence in you!
  • Keep your learner’s permit, logbook and documentation where you can find them easily.
  • Everybody experiences anxiety on their driving test; you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Your driving tester will be taking this into account, don’t worry.
  • Each area of your driving should be of a good standard. Therefore, it will take a lot of faults overall to fail your test, nine in fact. On your test, other drivers will no doubt cause you problems. This is your opportunity to show your skill, knowledge and attitude and make your tester feel confident in your driving.

Click here for under the bonnet checks.

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