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Saving fuel with Confident Driving School Galwayretro fuel pump route 66

As you progress through your Essential Driver Training (EDT) you will be shown how to make substantial savings on fuel through a combination of control skills and knowledge skills. Research has shown through a mixture of driving skill and knowledge, fuel savings of up to 30% can be made annually. Also, there will be significant savings made on fewer trips to the garage due to less wear and tear on the vehicle.

There will be even more savings made on reduced insurance premiums as it will be highly unlikely you will be involved in a road collision, but remember safety trumps saving fuel. As this training will reduce your Co2 emissions you will also be helping to minimize the effect of greenhouse gases on the planet. These Skills have much in common with defensive driver training. This extra training is given free of charge as you progress through your Essential driver training.

Vehicle Control Skillscar controls steering wheels gear change foot pedals

  • Using the engine Over-Run
  • Gearbox: block changing
  • Correct parking will save fuel
  • Using cruise control on extended trips
  • Correct use of gears can reduce fuel bill by 15%
  • Correct use of controls can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15%
  • Progressive Braking
  • How to avoiding late Braking and Harsh acceleration
  • Slowing without braking
  • Hill Descents
  • Use your handbrake correctly

Knowledge Skills

skills knowledge ability

  • Holdback procedure to make maximum use of vehicles momentum
  • Awareness of traffic ahead
  • Avoiding Tailgating and using Safe Headway
  • Smart use of speed can reduce fuel consumption by 30%
  • Aware of air resistance at speed and its effects on fuel consumption
  • Route planning
  • Minimizing Drag
  • Avoiding false economy traps
  • Michelin’s low rolling resistance tyres
  • Tyres and their affect on fuel
  • Morning start/cold start
  • Synthetic engine oils
  • Clean air filter
  • Using your rev counter to save fuel
  • Unnecessary Weight
  • Aware of engine tuning
  • When to switch off your engine in traffic
  • Driving over speed limit can affect fuel consumption by 23%
  • Revving the engine while stationary does nothing but waste fuel
  • Air con wastes fuel
  • Shopping around if convenient
  • Slow down before red light
  • Consolidate your shopping trips as small journeys expensive
  • Try to avoid heavy traffic
  • Try to avoid rough roads gravel can increase fuel consumption by up to 30%.

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