Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Tuition by Confident Driving School is offered only on the acceptance of these following terms and conditions.

Learner permit

You must bring your Learner Permit or EU License with you to each driving lesson. Remember, it is an offence to drive without your Learner Permit.

No Learner Permit, no driving lesson with the resulting loss of fee paid for lesson. Remember, it is an offence to drive with a mobile phone.

If there are driving restrictions on your Learner Permit preventing you from driving there will be no lesson given and any fees paid will be lost.

Your instructor will use their discretion to decide if you fit to drive as regards legal and medical requirements. If not fit to drive the lesson will be cancelled with the resulting loss of any fee paid. Your instructor’s decision is final.

Payments and Cancellations

Driving Lesson fees are normally paid in advance. You can pay by check or cash. If you check does not clear, you will be charged a 20 Euro administration fee by us.

You need to give 24 hour notice to cancel a lesson of up to two hours duration. If you fail to give notice your instructor will use their discretion to decide if you should be charged for the lesson.

In the event of a cancellation by us we will reschedule the lesson.

Your instructor will make every effort to ensure the lesson starts and finishes on time, but we reserve the right to postpone, cancel and alter lesson lengths (start/finish times) due to unforeseen circumstances. This could be due to any number of reasons: instructor out sick, heavy traffic, bad weather conditions etc. Your driving lesson will be rescheduled with any loss of fees paid.

Bookings and Lesson Duration

The booking by the learner driver is an offer to purchase the service and is conditional on the approval of the driving instructor. Bad behavior will not be tolerated from students and we reserve the right to terminate the lesson at once without compensation of your fee.

Lesson duration is normally one hour within the city and two hours in the suburbs of Galway (Oranmore etc). If the instructor is running late for the lesson the learner driver will be informed, if the delay impacts on the standard of the lesson, extra time will be granted to the learner driver. If this is not possible on the current lesson, this time will be allocated on the next convenient lesson. We guarantee you will get what you pay for.

Gift Vouchers for driving lessons with Confident Driving School Galway expire twelve months from the date of purchase. Driving lessons are not transferrable and must be used by the pupil who booked with us.

Discount off peak lessons must be completed before 1pm Monday to Friday.

Location for Instruction

The same location will be used to start and finish the lesson for the convenience of both instructor and student. On occasion where it is more practicable a different meeting point can be arranged in advance of the lesson. Should the instructor have to drive the student to the training area because of public safety this journey will constitute part of the lesson. The instructor will give a running commentary on the journey to alert the student to all safety aspects of modern driving.

Training Vehicles

Our training vehicles are fully taxed, insured for driving instruction, in roadworthy condition and fitted with dual controls for your safety.

If you opt for training in your vehicle your insurance must cover receiving lessons by a professional driving instructor for payment. Obviously, your car needs to be taxed, insured and have a current NCT if appropriate.

Driving Tests

Your driving instructor must feel you are of driving test standard to use our vehicle for the test.

You will be refused the use of the school car for your driving test if your instructor feels you could be a risk to public safety.

The booking of the driving test should suit the normal daily schedule of your instructor.

While every effort is made to keep our school cars roadworthy, the school cannot be held responsible for any mechanical breakdown while on the driving test and any sequential loss.

Your instructor cannot be held responsible for any driving test appointments cancelled by the Road Safety Authority. Lesson fee and school car fee cannot therefore be reimbursed. Currently, Confident Driving School Galway does not charge a fee for use of the school car for test. Advice will be given on how to reschedule your test with the RSA.

Your rights

These terms do not affect your right under consumer legislation.

Confident Driving School retains the right to change any of the above terms without notification. We will inform our students of any chance in terms and conditions ASAP.

Driving Instructors are regulated by the Road Safety Authority in Ireland.


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