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Ironically, it is newly qualified drivers who are most at risk with a 50% likelihood of being involved in a collision within two years of passing their test. Even though lack of experience is a factor, age and attitude are proving to be a catastrophic combination. This proven research is to make you aware of the common dangers after passing your test so you don’t have a collision.

Common Causes for Fatal Collisions Involving Young Drivers

  • Driving at night
  • Speed/Bends
  • Wet Roads
  • Lack of concentration due to chit chat
  • Attitude

When a fatal collision occurs it is usually because of a combination of these causes. Driver error, due to attitude accounts for 92% of all fatal collisions. Learning to drive defensively can change this attitude.

 Research Shows

As the research shows, it is within the two years after passing your driving test; it is most likely you will be involved in a fatal crash. Qualified drivers tend to treat their driving test just like another exam and quickly forget their training and worse, their knowledge base to alert them to oncoming danger. They assume because they have passed their test they are much better drivers than they actually are. This coupled with no longer being supervised and showing off to their friends (passengers), they behave in a reckless manner when driving. In a nutshell, this takes the form of speeding. Speeding, while driving at night, on bends with wet roads, is a cocktail for disaster. They also tend to overtake recklessly.

Advice after Passing your Driving Test

  1. Avoid intensive driving courses
  2. No drinking at anytime while driving
  3. No driving at night between the hours of 23:00 and 7:00 for six months after the test.
  4. No carrying of passengers (friends) for six months after test
  5. Learn to drive defensively

Slowly lifting these restrictions will allow drivers under 24 to gain the experience they need to deal with more complex hazards on the road.

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